How do you know if the decision you are about to make today is the right one?

stu older picFor most of my life ,I have lived in the belief that there is a part of us that knows the future a part of us that prepares us for what’s to come and this intuitive part of us, this knowing is our connection with the divine or whatever name you choose to call, your God.

This part of us guides us to people or places and situations that best serve our highest purpose and coincidences and synchronicities always manifest to confirm You are not alone. I love the fact that you and I, can open up a dialogue with the divine and if you want to know how ? go to our page entitled “Healing balms”

I have connected to this knowing, when I just go with my gut ,my instinct, when in fact a lot of time my rational mind questions ,Why are you doing this? and at the time I have no rational explanation except to say, it is the right thing to do, not the easiest thing to do ,but the right thing.

I have discovered that long before my rational and conscious mind discovers the reason, my intuition picks up something else and that feeling of “just something” is the one I go with and more often than not ,it leads the way and have learned to just go with it, never really quite knowing the why ?

How do you know if the decision you are about to make is the right one?

How do you feel ? not in your head as you don’t feel in your head, but in your gut ,deep down, what is that voice saying ? does it feel right ?

There was a time when my son was ill and I took him back to the hospital 6 times in the space of a few short weeks, we were lied to about results and palmed off and still this part of me would not quit as “I just knew”. I used to lay awake at night saying to myself ,they have explained this and that but it just isn’t sitting right and that part of me, that intuitive part ,would not rest where as the rational mind would say, believe them. I never, and I went with this deep knowing and persevered and thank God I did.

Many years ago I went to see a man who I had been treating and just before I had seen him a doctor had examined him two hours earlier and said he was ok ,but after an hour a working on him, I rang the doctors myself and said you are wrong and you better come back out and now. Within a few hours he was hospitalised and went to have kidney dialysis ,did I know what it was, not a clue, but again, that same nag in the pit of my stomach, that feeling , “I just knew”. this isn’t right.

I had a man who came to me with a pain in his neck and after one session of massage I said to him go back to your GP and say you have had a massage and the therapist said the pain should have gone. He did and the Doctor said take more pain killers, it will settle and he came back again and once more I worked on his system and once more I said go back ,he didn’t ,instead he went to the hospital and they said put your arms up, down, checked him out and said, neck pain, go and rest.

He came back again and once more I said, I am sorry, the Doctor has said this and the hospital have said that and something isn’t quite stacking up ,please go back .He did and finally they scanned him and kept him in and discovered he had lung cancer.

Did I know ? not a clue, and rationally, at face value he could have easily continued to be treated as neck pain ,but my instinct, “I just knew”. my intuition knew something and that was given a voice in spite of sounding like a fool and against professional opinion initially and I say these stories only to illustrate my point which is, Trust you gut ,your instinct, the nagging in the pit of your stomach ,everyone will give you an opinion and most of the time as well meaning as they can be ,just disconnect you from your own inner knowing.

The voice of intuition is your connection to the divinity within, let that be your guide and no one else. How I measure people, has always been, how do I feel in their company, as my bodies wisdom knows and sometimes I catch myself unconsciously step away or move closer, perhaps even turning away from another’s eyes or sometimes I can’t help but look deeper, more intently as I recognise something beautiful or painful behind those eyes and I find all so fascinating.

Sometimes I want to take someone’s hand and lead them away and I have recognised that this is my body saying to me, you need to lead this person to a better place, or perhaps even hug them as soon as I meet them, not in a way of nice to see you, but in a way that tells me, this person needs comforting and holding tight until the fear subsides.

I don’t always live out what I feel ,such as within a second of meeting them, holding someone close because my body is telling me to do so, as that may be misconstrued as nut’s, but it does tell me and I do listen to those messages and I am usually right on these feelings as the story that follows confirms what my body has already told me is needed.

Although I have been known to take the hand of someone within a minute of meeting them and leading them around something in the room as the pull has been too great for me not to act out the physicality of what my instinct is sometimes overwhelming telling me.

For over 20 years of discovering really that what we say and the way we say it,verbally ,is such a small part in how we really speak to each other, there is so much more going on.

Learn to recognise and become aware of your physical reactions on many levels as all of these factors can help you make a decision.

How do you know if the decision you are about to make today is the right one?

HOW DO YOU FEEL ? GO with that…

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