Our Valued Contributors

Meet the talented professionals we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past. They are highly skilled individuals that we highly recommend their skills and expertise to you

Nick Smith

Graphic Designer

Working with Nick offers a personalised approach, a quality we highly value in any professional relationship. This is the primary reason we wholeheartedly recommend him. Additionally, the excellence of the work he produces is noteworthy. Therefore, if you are in search of graphic design services, we encourage you to engage in a conversation with Nick. Discover for yourself the qualities we appreciate in him, and hopefully, you will find them valuable as well.

Rizal Bintang

Copywriter | Web Developer

Rizal has been excellent for us on our Birmingham Holistic website and other websites. He had helped us in so many ways, with excellent copy, design, ideas, layout, fixing issues on our websites and so much more. We have developed a great working relationship, and I trust him, which is something really important, isn't it? When I have a technical problem, I will message him and he always helps us out. Trust him as Rizal will always deliver excellent quality of work with honesty.

Kostas and Lana Kapelas

Holistic health practitioners

“Introducing the Mount Olympus Pure Foods Greek Goats and Vegan kefir range to our esteemed holistic health clinic clients! Crafted with care and tradition, the kefirs offer a powerhouse of benefits for your well-being. Rich in probiotics, they nurture a thriving gut microbiome, supporting optimal digestion and gut health. Moreover, the kefir range boasts immune-boosting properties, strengthening your body's natural defences and promoting overall vitality. Elevate your holistic health journey with Mount Olympus Pure Foods kefirs—nourishing your body, mind, and spirit from within.”