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Welcome to Feel Good Events, your gateway to wonderful Holistic Healing Events in Birmingham. Join us for transformative healing sessions and workshops, hosted by renowned therapists from the UK and all over the world. From trauma healing to a workshop that teaches you about the healing power of Amazon Forest, you’ll find the event that’ll heal you from the inside out.

Please note that Birmingham Holistic act as host only for any event advertised and do not take any payments for these events. 

You must contact the provider as listed on this page 

Please also note that for the amazon weekend this disclaimer must be signed before attending the seminar or one to one – Read through the waiver of liability before committing booking onto any of our workshops  – you will be given a copy by the provider to sign if you haven’t printed off to bring a copy yourself 

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If you host a wonderful holistic healing event that can provide significant health and wellness benefits to others, we’d love to feature it here.

For more information, please call or text Stuart at 07734459908.

Join Us For Enriching Holistic Healing Events In Birmingham!

At Birmingham Holistic Health Centre, we don’t just offer holistic therapy, we also have enriching workshops and events, that cater to everyone’s health and wellness needs and goals. Immerse yourself in workshops and healing sessions led by renowned therapists from the UK and all over the world.

From rejuvenating retreats to transformative ancient healing workshops, the events we’re introduced to here are thoughtfully selected to promote holistic well-being. Whether you’re interested in the tremendous power of holistic healing or you’re looking holistic approach to health issues you’re experiencing, you can find the right event that suits your needs here.

Joining our holistic healing events in Birmingham also takes you into a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all seeking to enhance their well-being and embrace a fulfilling life.

Most events take place in our centre, which offers a relaxing and calming atmosphere that facilitates healing and makes you feel good. Surrounded by lush greenery and a serene atmosphere, it’s an ideal setting for healing and connecting with yourself and others.

So, why wait? Come and join us in one of the upcoming Feel Good Events. Step into a wonderful world of holistic healing and unlock the true potential of mind, body, and spirit. Let your journey begin.