How are you feeling today ? perhaps a little low, tired, drained ,just simply fed up ? Would you like to change that ? then I can show you how 

stuartIn 20 years of practice I have seen so many clients with irritable bowel syndrome to know that stress, anxiety and even depression has direct effect on the bowel. I am certain most people have experienced a sensation of butterflies in their stomach when they are nervous or have had an upset stomach when they are feeling angry or stressed. You actually have two nervous systems, one is the central nervous system, which comprises of your spinal cord, brain and nerves, and the other is known as the intrinsic nervous system which is the nervous system of gastrointestinal tract.

These two systems are connected via the vagus nerve. Part of this nerve which runs from the stomach to the brain, communicates feelings such as hunger and fullness sensations to the brain. However, the gut-brain connection is linked and any problems in your gut can also directly influence your mental health which can then lead to issues like anxiety and depression. The intrinsic nervous system and gastro intestinal systems need to be treated with equal care and attention if mental and physical health is truly our goal.

You may think that your brain is the main organ in charge of your whole system, but actually your gut sends much more information to your brain than your brain sends to your gut. The term “gut feeling” is something most people are familiar with.

My advice this month for anyone suffering with anxiety or depression or simply feeling low or drained is to trial a probiotic supplement as they help maintain healthy gut flora which is beneficial to general health. The fact is, our minds and gut are uniquely connected and so by improving your digestive health you will improve, not only your mental health, but your immune system which is also linked to how you feel, which quite clearly feeds back to the mind its wellbeing. 70{4957ac4cf499e49763b21041745c9dd389af099b002b9a043574525170776bf1} of your immune system is connected with the gut, this is where nature’s pharmacy develops its own antibiotics and so we should always look after the gut first and foremost with any emotional and physical health problem.

Try these to restore your gut health and in fact your whole emotional and physical  health  and you will feel a beneficial change within a week !arm outwide

1)L-Glutamine ( Enteroguard®)


2) Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens


3) Udo’s Choice Super 5 or super 8


4) Udo’s choice essential fats


5) Hydration, “drink more water”

For a feeling of being stressed, add Bioforce’s Stress Relief drops, for depression add Bioforce’s Hypericum Complex to the list above and you will  feel a difference within a week also for November, choose a healing balm FREE of your choice if you buy all of the above  directly from us aswell as receiving 10 {4957ac4cf499e49763b21041745c9dd389af099b002b9a043574525170776bf1} off the retail price.


Birmingham Holistic Health Centre will give a FREE trial pack of probiotics to anyone if they book in for any therapy at our centre  for November  and so “If you are feeling low…. give it a go.” ©Bhamholistic

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One day, a Holistic approach may be the cornerstone of any new NHS which can be interpreted as the Natural Health System as we grow in understanding that every part of the human system influences another for better or worse.

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