Many years ago, I met the Great Grandson of the founder of naturopathy in India

He asked me “What is that chain around your neck?

I said it is a chain called horn of plenty

He said, what is it made of?

Gold, I replied

If you put around your wrist what would it be, he said

A Bracelet,

But still made of Gold?


If you put it around you finger

A ring

But still made of Gold?


If you put it around your ankle

An ankle bracelet

But still made of Gold?


In your ear

An earring

But still made of Gold?


Well, we look at disease a little similar to that he said

Different names , arthritis, joint pain, fatigue are all the labels but still toxins , still (Gold)

Toxins damage enzymes and reduce the effectiveness of many bodily functions

We aim to eliminate toxins to regain our health and vitality.

Stress is the most powerful toxin in the world and can be the most damaging to the body if left untreated over time.

Stress can suppress the immune system and then whatever genetic predisposition you may have causes many toxins to suppress or activate our genes in damaging ways.

Toxins may lead to chronic inflammation, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity to name a few.

A survey of 4,000 people by insurance giant Axa found  4 out 5 people felt stressed during a typical week at work and that has an impact of productivity in every area of our lives .

Symptoms of stress may include tachycardia, palpitations, headaches, chronic fatigue, insomnia, increased or decreased appetite, muscle or joint pain, distress, overwhelming feelings of depression, anxiety, sadness, or irritability.

An Antidote

Relaxation can improve the capacity to, manage stress and regulate emotions. As a result, it has a positive impact on the immune system.

Relaxation techniques can affect the immune system by increasing the antibodies levels needed to protect the body against the infections.

It has been demonstrated that relaxation stimulates specific immune system brain-function regions, increasing the electrical activity in the prefrontal cortex, right anterior insula, and right hippocampus.

These areas are the responsibility of the positive emotions and the immune system control.

Different studies have been assessed the impact of stress on immune function doing a correlation between the stress and immunological test results or analysing the changes in immunological test results.

The effects of relaxation and the immune system in different studies has demonstrated the impact is positive.

Relaxation produces significant changes on the cellular and enzymatic activity, increases the activity of the telomerase, an enzyme with the function of stabilising the chromosomes preventing their deterioration; reduces the inflammatory markers and increases the number of CD-4 cells, considered one of the most important immune system’s helper cells.

Along with relaxing the body ,we can then begin to support the immune system with various adaptogens available to us that help the body adapt to various stressors such toxicity ,exertion, trauma, dehydration, sleep deprivation, toxic exposure, radiation, infection, psychological stress.

We begin to change our outlook to the stresses life brings to us and that in turn will help the immune system to function better

The New NHS could be a return to a Natural Health System, this in turn could relieve the pressure on the current NHS

“Together we can make a difference”

A lot of insurance companies now linked to the workplace will contribute to the cost of various holistic therapies such as, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki to name a few which is brilliant !

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Why not even learn for yourself ,imagine if you could help your family by giving them some reflexology, aromatherapy , head massage or even learn some stress relieving techniques that you could use for yourself or simply pass on to those you love

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All this would make a difference to you and to them in a positive way and if every home had someone like you ,wouldn’t we all become less stressed, more connected to each other and perhaps healthier ?

I believe so

Begin today by looking at the services and Full diploma courses we offer here at Birmingham Holistic Health Centre and together we can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

Stuart Morris

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