A Return to Love

A Return to Love

learned a long time ago to see all disease as a part of ourselves that has moved away from love, either self love and not looking after our own needs for a whole range of reasons, which at its core, is usually because we have given out in every direction physically, emotionally and spiritually and mental exhaustion becomes the catalyst for a body beginning to struggle to cope.

The other way is, that part of ourselves leans in the opposite direction and moves away from loving another, and resentment, anger rage, fear and other destructive emotions rise from a heart that has been hurt.

But the solution is always the same, a return to love; only this time, by introducing to the mind to a philosophy based around compassion, forgiveness and acceptance and only then can we ease a mind back towards love and begin to release a past embedded deep within the body which has finally manifested as disease.

When illness finally comes, which it always does, if we have moved away from love for long enough, the bodies messages only increase and are misunderstood and misread and continue to call out ,year after year, until we listen .

Unfortunately, mainstream medicines, cover nature’s message, by treating the symptom which is the only voice the body has left when we fail to listen to its calling.

My job has been to recognise and read the message of the body and it has always been the same answer, “love is the only true healing balm, apply it where necessary to oneself and others”and my only goal is to ease the mind and body back towards loving ourselves and others.

Those who sustain the road to recovery have found a path back towards love and the most fascinating observation for me over the last 26 years has been the many unique and beautiful ways the human spirit seeks out an answer and how the healer in her many forms finds her way to a heart in need at the right time.

26 years ago, that began process began when I was very ill and lay down for deep relaxation in a Pranayama yoga class for the first time and I had the realisation of being held and comforted. I realise now, that for most of life ,I ached for a soft place to fall and as no one was there to ease that ache, I fell in love with the Yoga, as it offered me such a sanctuary on so many levels through her gentle presence.

There are 200 various forms of yoga and people get drawn to whichever form suits their needs ,such as Ashtanga which is very physical ,Raj Yoga which is spiritual or Hatha which combines the whole and so much more.

Pranayama yoga as taught by Yogini Sunita Cabral, in its entirety is a way of life which offers a philosophy ,breathing exercises and and gentle exercises . The way you move through each posture is the way you inevitably move through life, without force, competing or pressure.We are taught that when the postures are done in an unbroken sequence and as you ease into the sequence and as the mind relaxes the deeper the physical bend and the greater the spine stretches,the deeper the human understanding and through this deep understanding of human nature we can develop compassion for ourselves and others.

We are taught that gentleness is one of the most important feelings within a person, that it exists within every human .IT CANNOT BE TAUGHT and it is a feeling individually used when we trying to attain the impossible and we discover when everything else fails, gentleness prevails.



I have learned not to pay too much attention to what people tell me as regards to promises and what they will do, as time reveals to me truth to all riddles in my life, but to pay close attention to how I feel in the presence of another, as these feeling usually tell me the company I keep.

It is no different when working with any individual, the story of someone’s life will always be reflected in the body and I find it fascinating as I begin work and touch another, as the body says “Can I tell you truth” and the real skill I have developed, is to listen intently to the messages given to me through the body, which never lies.

The return to love, is a very personal journey and each person in the end finds their own path back to discovering who they really are and what they are always connected to. Finally when that realisation opens, you may discover your own self worth based on the love within and not from how much “stuff” you have accumulated over a lifetime.

My friend ,Ken Cabral rang me the other day and suggested I go from doing 80 different things to perhaps 5 or 6 and to connect with those few in my life that I love to be with and that included my children, my family, my friends, my centre and my work and even my love. He suggested that if I did that, then contentment would unfold, as to look outside5 or 6 things was wasted energy and that these few simple things in life would answer my deepest needs. Of course, he was right and like everything, life tends to take us away from the important things in our life and so I have a few questions for you,

“What has taken you away from Love?

Can you reconnect?

What are the 5 or 6 things in your life that are most important to you?

Can you spend time with them?

Can you finally discard 75 other things that really don’t mean that much and if you did how would that simplify your life?

Can you find a path back to loving yourself and others?

Stuart Morris