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Spirituality is a globally acknowledged concept and is personal and unique to each person

Studies show that our spiritual beliefs and practices can be supportive of and aid our ability to cope with stresses in life and are beneficial to our mental health

What is Spiritual Healing?

I believe that life’s problems draw us away from peace and into the story through the perception of an anxious mind, how can there be peace their?

I see my role as a Spiritual Healer as helping to re-connect you back towards that peace

“Peace is the greatest ambassador for change in oneself and others”

Stuart 07734459908

Price £45 per session which last around 1 hour in total

What happens during a healing session?

I will go through a short consultation form with you and then explain what happens during the session, you will remain fully clothed and be asked to take your footwear off and lie down on the couch and simply relax and drift off until I tell you that the session is over.

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Stuart Morris

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The concept of spiritual healing is too diverse to be defined in one way. Spirituality is finding the connection between oneself and divine power. Spirituality, in my opinion, is about becoming more human

When we talk about spiritual healing, it pertains to the act of healing and easing physical and emotional ailments by means of transference of spiritual energy.

Spiritual healing is a branch of alternative medicines. it is also known as energy healing, vibrational medicines, psychic healing, etc. The ‘healing’ concept is based on a pseudo-scientific belief that a spiritual healer is capable of channeling and conduit energy in the patient’s body to relieve and heal that patient.

The idea consists of various different techniques, such as light healing, sound healing, contact healing, Reiki, biofield energy and therapeutic touch.

The term ‘energy medicine’ has been in use since 1980, with the foundation of the International Society For The Study Of Subtle Energy And Energy Medicines.

The underlying concept of spiritual healing practice is that the human body contains energy channels and biofield or energy field around the body. Imbalance of these energies could result in some diseases. Thus, the spiritual healers try to restore this energy balance in the body to regain a healthy state of the body.

US-based National Center For Complementary And Alternative Medicine, categorize healing ‘energy’ into two groups;
1. Veritable energies: such as radiations, magnetic response imaging, and light therapy.
2. Putative energy medicine is based on the concepts of prana (vital force), Reiki, Pneuma, odic force, etc.
Randolph stone formulated the ‘polarity therapy’ which is energy medicine. This is based on the belief that a person’s health is attributed to positivity and negativity and charges in the electromagnetic field. Spiritual healing is basically a non-denominational healing practice. Spiritual healers and those who believe such type of healing practice believe in distant healing.

A spiritual healer can act as a channel of bioelectromagnetism energy.

It is evident that the human body is surrounded by or comprises an energy field.

All the 210 types of cells in the human body generate complex electrical activity.

Nerve coordination occurs by means of electrical signals which we name as nerve impulses. Thus, neurons, endocrine cells, and muscle cells are all referred to as “excitable cells.”

These cells produce current due to ion exchange and a resulting magnetic field. Also, cells emit biophotons.
Spiritual healing has the potential to modulate energy imbalances.

The patient and the spiritual healer work together, to move the blocked energy channels in the body. During such spiritual healing, a person’s body resonates and synchronizes at a certain low frequency (0.3-100 Hz)

I give all clients a mp3 especially written for me that resonates at 528hz after the healing act, you can listen at home after the session.

Music has soothing and relaxing capabilities. Spiritual healing manipulates certain specific sound frequencies to rejuvenate the mind and body. Sound healing in terms of spiritual healing is believed to be effective for a relaxed mind and thus a healthy body.

Take into account the famous Solfeggio frequencies scale. This scale consists of six specific tune or frequencies and each of these is believed to infuse spirituality and effective for healing as well. a lot of researches is directed to find the efficiency of Solfeggio frequency 528 to its miraculous ability to repair DNA damage.

In this context, Akimoto K et al, conducted a scientific study to evaluate the ‘healing’ abilities of 528 Hz. Three significant hormones of the human body namely, cortisol, oxytocin, and chromogranin

A biomarker was selected to evaluate the effects of 528 Hz sound frequency on the nervous system.
The results suggested a significant decrease in the stress hormones, cortisol and chromogranin as well as the increase in oxytocin levels.

Thus, there is some kind of relaxation and pleasure feeling was aroused by listening to this frequency.

The correct function of the human body is under the control of the endocrine system.

According to various energy healing ideologies, the endocrine system overlaps with energy chakras. There are six well-known Chakras, any blockage in any of these may result in a feeling of unbalanced.

Spiritual healing may help the consistent flow of subtle energy in chakra, resulting in feeling more relaxed and balanced.

Ghadiali explained in his famous book ‘Spectro-Chrome Encyclopaedia’ the effectiveness of light therapeutics and healing. He suggested the notion of energy vortex or chakras and that the unique energy field surrounds our body. Stagnant or imbalanced energies lead to the disease condition.

The spiritual healing in any form helps to move and unblock this stagnant energy vortex.

The principle of chromotherapy suggests that the human body is the assemblage of light colours.

Each of its organs has its own preferred frequency and wavelength at which it resonates and functions well.
Spiritual healing applies a visible light spectrum to the body for the rejuvenation and healing of vital organs.

The light generates magnetic currents and electrical impulses of energy which sequentially stimulates the hormonal production and equilibrates subtle energies.

If you take the idea of energy existing first and foremost.

“From the concept of energy as light, you can bring forward the light and direct the light towards another whose light has gone out.”

The light, when given chance, can and will flow through a mind whose journey has become clouded.

“Once the light hits hidden points within the system, energy is released and passes through pathways connected by the nervous system to bring about emotional relief.

Spiritual healing practices are deep-rooted in most ancient religious and ceremonial practices across the world in every continent going back since records began.

Healing has  been integrated into hospitals owing to its positive impacts as pain relief and stress management

A top university renowned for first-rate research conducting a controlled medical trial of healing • the National Lottery awarding a grant of £205,000 to fund the study • the resultant two-year trial involving 200 hospital patients with longstanding illnesses

The compelling research results demonstrate that healing has the potential to benefit anyone whether they are in pain, sick, stressed or depressed. Case studies add to the evidence. Many of the research trials referenced dispel the myth that healing is only a placebo.

The most consistent reports were that patients experienced a relaxing sensation that was generated within the session and lasted for a time period after the sessions. In addition to this, the healing appeared to be associated with patients feeling more tolerant of their symptoms.

Patients valued the therapist and their input into the healing process

The findings suggest that substantial cost savings could be made by the NHS, the Government and by businesses through adding healing to mainstream UK healthcare system.

Teut M. et al, performed a study in the German population to evaluate the outcomes and perceptions about spiritual healing

.The participants of this study revealed their perception and outcomes during and after the spiritual healing sessions. These outcomes were:

• Positive changes in feelings and sensation
• Positivity of self-concept
• Betterment of health issues and disease symptoms

The majority of clients who undergo spiritual healing practice stated that they experienced a ‘flow’ of energy through the body and that they felt tranquillity, inner serenity, accord inner balance, and happiness.

Consequently, these people have had a positive impact on their family, work, social life and emotions after attending spiritual healing sessions. One of them shared his experience as;

“My whole outlook on life has changed since then. Yes, I’m actually much more conscious of my life, with my partner, with my children. Things that were important before, now no longer have any significance. Yes, it usually was the case that I felt happy when I went shopping, but this is no longer important to me.”
Furthermore, many participants reported a general sense of well being, strength and relieving disease symptoms including, chronic headache, backache, lymphedema, eye infection liver diseases, insomnia.
“Yes, I’m actually very well since then. I slept for the first time, without the usual (…) drugs.”

The German federal constitutional court has already permitted spiritual healing as a non-medical consultation practice.

Here are some more testimonials from clients who have experienced Spiritual Healing with me, Stuart Morris

“How to you feel after the healing session?

Client 1: D. Cancer patient :
” I feel at Peace”

Client 2:P .Addiction to alcohol:
“I feel at Peace, normal, no anxiety , really relaxed and hopeful”

Client 3:E F. Anxiety :
“I feel really liberated, I can breath, I feel lighter” ” I feel amazing ! Blown away !

Client 4 : P .S : PTSD ,Depression :
“I Feel at ease, good ,as though I have been given some guidance”

Client 5: L.B : Adrenal fatigue, Depression:
I feel smiley, something I haven’t felt for a long time “

Client 6 : R.E : Scatty, anxiety
” I feel light, connected more strongly with life, connected with the light I feel alive, I have a belief in life again”

Client 7 : S. : Tired, Depressed
“I feel heavy headed, I fell asleep, feel comforted

Client 8 : L.P :Depressed ,fatigue, mental fog ,addictive personality :ABSENT HEALING SENT ; I talked them through on the phone and connected with them.
“I feel relaxed, charged me up a little bit, It’s your light waking my light up, that’s spiritual healing to me now I have experienced it from you

Client 9- A : Tension in neck and broken sleep pattern
“I feel nice and refreshed ,soothed

Animal healing of a dog named Sabrina,
Owner stated, “that the dog never goes to strangers” and yet she came to me and stood there and head down allowed me to give her healing and then sat down and eased into a relaxed state

Client 10 :J.C : Tired
“I felt the energy coming through, it was like electric, relaxed “

K.M : Client 11 : Worry challenging times in their personal life, tired

“I feel fuzzy, but exhilarated ,relaxed and at the same time uplifted”

Client 13 .A : Tension in neck and shoulders
“I feel soothed, nice and refreshed”

Client 14 .l.P : Depressed after stroke
” I feel charged up again”

Client 15 : Lymphedema ,fatigue, depression
“I feel alright, relaxed…comforted”

Client 16. k : Tired, break up of a relationship
” I feel lighter, calm relaxed and energized again”

Client 17 : V.H : Split up with partner, anxious
” I feel connected to something that’s got rid of negative energy, I just feel completely relaxed, energized”

Client 18 : C.M : Herniated disk
“I Feel very relaxed, normally I can’t keep still, but am left feeling peaceful”

Client 19 : J.C
” I feel relaxed, it has brought me back to the present moment

(Stuart Morris) from these experiences with spiritual healing, my clients believe that it has been helpful for relieving some mental stress and depression from them as they became more relaxed.

It’s a shame that the words themselves “Spiritual Healing” conjures up, generally, something negative in the mind as Spiritual Healing is misunderstood, misinterpreted and certainly not experienced by those who have cast doubt on something that they don’t really understand.

Do you understand how the body heals itself ?  or how electricity works?

I would encourage every individual to experience spiritual Healing for themselves and then make a judgment.

The basis for the integration of spirituality in medicine is that psychological state and overall wellbeing share a connection.

There is a psychophysiological link that stress suppresses the functioning of the immune system making the person more vulnerable to illness. (Bruce Lipton, PHD Biology of Belief )

In a study, Wetzel compared blood haemoglobin and hematocrit values of 48 adults and the effectiveness of Reiki as alternative medicine. The results significantly supported alternative therapies in terms of urea nitrogen and glucose values.

A device Life Information System Ten (LISTEN) measured the positive energy changes in patients with multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, or thyroid problems.

In conclusion, the astute use of touch is beneficial for patients and energy healing being fostering, and non-sexual touch is helpful for relieving the body’s symptoms of distress.

Light healing is another area of spiritual healing. The type and the intensity of light can be effective for healing and therapeutic use. Virk. G et al conducted a study and it supports that a 15-30 minute treatment of bright light is effective to alleviate mood annoyance, depression, and irritation.

The seasonal affective disorder is characterized by intermittent depression episodes as the winter season arrives. Exposure to bright light as spiritual healing is an effective mood booster in persons of seasonal affective disorder. People having this disorder have been identified with low melatonin production.

This light exposure improves neurotransmitter secretion including serotonin and norepinephrine. Thus, light healing is effective to develop a sense of pleasure and mood booster.


Many pieces of research support the fact that spiritual healing is effective to help ease many health issues, and when I say health issues, it does not essentially mean that spiritual healing can cure AIDS or cancer. Spiritual healing can be effective to strengthen and revitalize your body to speed up the healing process within you with apparently, no negative side effects.

If it leads you towards feeling peaceful and relaxed then in my opinion, then the body’s own miraculous pharmacy can heal you.

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“To be enlightened means living in the light
For you to live in the light, you have to reconnect to the source of light.
Meditation is one way to open the door to allow that light in.
You have to become familiar with its presence first.”

Harry Edwards

In 2020 you will be able to purchase Stuart’s book relating to Spiritual Healing