3 Health Benefits of Reiki That May Astonish You
Are you curious about how Reiki can contribute to your health? Here are some benefits of this practice.
“It’s so important to find a daily practice that takes you away from the ‘day to day’ and reminds you that everything is okay.” – Ian Tucker, Your Simple Path: Find Happiness in Every Step.

This quote encapsulates the essence of Reiki, known as the healing touch. It’s a life force energy that enhances health and life quality. With a spiritual aspect to its healing, ‘Rei’ signifies ‘Higher Power’ and ‘ki’ represents life force energy, making Reiki a ‘spiritually guided life force energy.’

Is Reiki truly effective?

For what is it effective?

Below are the health benefits of Reiki supported by scientific evidence:

1. Aids in stress reduction and promotes relaxation

The most substantiated health benefits of Reiki are stress reduction and relaxation. This Japanese energy healing therapy is specifically designed to activate your body’s relaxation response and alleviate stress. Many of today’s health issues are linked to stress, whether it’s environmental, occupational, or emotional. Indeed, many of the therapeutic benefits of Reiki are rooted in these factors.

Stress may cause irregular heart rhythms, potentially leading to angina or stroke.
Stress can induce gastrointestinal issues as hormones like leptin and ghrelin regulate both the brain and stomach.
Eating disorders often stem from stress, leading to overeating or food aversion.
Stress is a common source of mood disorders and various psychological issues.
Stress may also contribute to sexual dysfunction in men.

2. Alleviates depression and anxiety by altering mood

Mood alterations are closely tied to anxiety and depression. Several studies have shown that Reiki can improve overall mood, particularly in individuals with negative moods. These studies indicate that mood enhancement is followed by a reduction in anxiety. With improved mood, there is also a notable decrease in depression, anger, and confusion, an increase in positive energy, and a revival of vigor that is often lost with depression.

3. Improves mobility in cases of shoulder pain, wrist pain, and lower back pain

A notable study in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine compared the effectiveness of Reiki and physical therapy in improving range of motion. The study found that both methods were equally effective in enhancing the range of motion of the affected areas.

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