Relaxation Therapy

With Ken Cabral Tel: 0121 459 4138

We must all have experienced a need to relax in our lives.

We weren’t taught, just instinctively slowed our breathing down and used words to stay calm.

The therapeutic approach takes relaxation as one of it’s ways to arrive at a more settled state of mind.

My approach is to help you be more settled for longer periods of your life.In order to do this,I introduce techniques to recover from the effects of life’s downs as quickly as possible.

My mother introduced Pranayama Yoga into the UK in the early 1960’s.She wrote a book entitled The Art of Relaxation.Included were physical and breathing exercises,relaxation techniques and philosophy.

One statement of philosophy that has eventually become the anchor in my life is:

Like me, you will challenge it for some time.”If that’s the case,why am I feeling as if I can’t cope-I’m so unhappy-lost-desperate-lonely-bitter”etc.

But you are still here aren’t you,still battling through each day-so your constitution must be coping in a way.Backtrack for all the things that have gone wrong in your life since you were 15 and now you are 57 and they still effect you-but you are still here so your constitution must still be coping somehow.

We will start to reduce the emotional effects your circumstances are having on you.This is done by approaching the the part of us that is neutral,is indifferent to what is going right or wrong(I’ll explain when I see you) and it works in the present.We think in the present,whether it is of the past present or future so recovery will occur in the present.We will be working to stay more settled for longer in the present.
I will also be using touch to release stresses within muscle fibres.Quite often when emotional tension builds up or has been there for some time,parts of our body will be aching.

I will be using  touch to release Stress and flashbacks  
The purpose of the information on this page is to make you aware of a different approach that may help you.

If you are experiencing flashbacks and high levels of stress where your emotions keep making you feel, think and behave of an incident or incidents as if it has only just occurred, when in fact it may have occurred days, weeks, months or even years ago, then there is a possibility that these symptoms could be released by touch.

We all have had bad experiences in our lives and will have permanent memories of these events that can be triggered off today by conversation, something you heard on the radio, seen on tv, or read. If you have recovered or come to terms with it you may discuss it if with people, or “discuss it” in your head if on your own.

For some of us, these experiences or experience went so terribly wrong that it is still fresh and if triggered,the last thing you would want to do is to discuss it in company because the emotions are just under the surface. If you are on your own you will feel as if you have gone back to square one – again.

This is the part of you that we will be working with together – NOT what happened to you but the symptoms or the effect it is having on you and I will be using touch to attempt to reduce these symptoms because they are the obstacles that are preventing you recovering

Tel: 0121 459 4138

  • Ref: pranayama
  • Duration:40 mins(slightly longer for first session).
  • Please note that you have to contact Ken directly as a full explanation of what is in involved in this process will given prior to beginning any treatment protocol