Not so bad is it?

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hope 1We are a nation of collectors ,we simply collect “stuff” and then as we grow older, wealthier, we add more stuff and yet it is true to say that “The simple things in our life answer our deepest needs”

Many years ago I met a Indian man who said that his great grandfather was the founder of Naturopathy in India and he gave me an analogy of disease in his own way and it is one that i never forgot. He said “What is that around your neck ? and i had a little gold chain, I answered …”yes he said and it is gold ?

“Yes” i replied

“And if you put that around your wrist ,what would it become?

I said ” A bracelet ”

“But still gold” he said

“And if you put in around your ankle”

“An Ankle bracelet”

“Yes, but still gold?

“And if you reduced it in size and put in through your ear ?

“An earring”

“Yes, but still gold ?

He said “Disease is a little like that , if your joints ache, you call it arthritis, but still it is toxins ,if you name any musculoskeletal, psychiatric, neurologic, arthritic or cardiac disease you will can give it a specific name but it will still be toxins, still gold”

My good friend so beautifully said “The secret to health is the removal of waste” but not just physically but on every level

As we collect more “stuff” including information we tend to move away from applying a few things daily as we never quite remain still enough to live in the moment, we tend to live ahead ,planning, doing, striving achieving and my God ,don’t you feel exhausted with so much to do ?

Holistic FacialsStop ! come closer today to this moment, take a little time to look around you and be present ,leave all the stuff you think you have to do, be or achieve and relax into this moment .

Not so bad is it?

Everything seems to be ok in this moment and what about now ?

Perhaps living moment by moment is achievable once we are reminded of its awareness.

The mind can only cope with reality, so by slowing down and living in this moment, our stuff will slowly begin to ease away into the distance as we begin to let it go. without doing much more than becoming aware of here ,now.

Not so bad is it?

Live in the moment as best you can, recognise stress as you have moved away from the moment and got caught up in your story and let the story in your mind go.

By applying a few things daily, perhaps we can begin to become aware of this simple but profound way of living first and then begin gently to begin to introduce the process of removal of waste daily.

Have some fresh foods today, if it’s in a box in the freezer ,give it a miss or even better for today just drink some water Hydration ,70{4957ac4cf499e49763b21041745c9dd389af099b002b9a043574525170776bf1} of our body is water ,perhaps today we can increase that to cleanse the system today. Your body will detox itself much easier if you are fully hydrated. Water, fresh fruit juices, herbal tea, or coconut water are fabulous beverages to stay hydrated.

Hot stone massage picture 1Go for a walk in the fresh air as one natural, highly effective and safe form of ‘detox enhancement’ is exercise! Exercise speeds up your circulatory and respiratory systems and promotes natural sweating-all natural detox methods used by the body (lungs, skin and blood/digestive system). Have a aromatherapy massage or hot stone mssage as physical stimulation is a natural way to speed up detox. By massaging your body muscles and skin will releases toxins from your body tissues and muscles, through your blood and through the lymphatic system

Poor breathing robs energy and negatively affects mental alertness. Unless breathing is exercised, aging affects the respiratory system and toxins will build up in the system and so fill your lungs with fresh air and breathe..

Deep relaxation has been proven to enhance the body’s own healing capability helping the ”the relaxation effect”, a phenomenon that could be just as powerful as any medical drug but without the side effects.Try a session of Reiki, reflexology, energy field healing as the benefits of the relaxation effect were found to increase with regular treatments : the more people have been found to relax the greater their chances of remaining free of arthritis and joint pain with stronger immunity, healthier hormone levels and lower blood pressure

The Releaser - pic for websiteForgiveness is another way of removing the waste ,letting go of resentment which will cause havoc in the system and the toxic waste will manifest as “disease” at some point so please have a listen to the healing balms audio on forgiveness

let’s begin to take stock and rest here first in this moment for just a while and simply be..

Not so bad is it ?