Touch For health

‘Touch For Health’ is an intuitive and dynamic form of Complementary health care which I practice in Birmingham, UK.

It forms a part of the regular service I offer to my clients and it is also a part of my Corporate Complementary Care programes.

What is Touch for Health?

Touch For healthTouch For Health is truly an holistic system of health care looking at structural, nutritional and mental – emotional aspects of a person.

It emphasizes our own specialness and uniqueness and gives us a system that guides each person individually towards health and happiness.

‘Touch For Health’ involves techniques and skills taken from modern Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Osteopathy and ancient Chinese Acupuncture in complete synthesis to form a truly holistic approach to health. It uses the muscles of the body as a bio-feedback mechanism.

What’s involved in Touch for Health ?

Muscles are where the body-mind interaction takes place. The tension you feel in your neck when things are ‘weighing down’ on you can stay with you after the problem has been dealt with. Remembering this situation or a similar one reactivates your old bio-computer.

Our muscles will always show us a reflection of what is happening in our minds. I would personally go further and say your body will always reflect to me what is really happening in your life. For example, nervous diarrhoea is simply the intestinal muscles expressing our emotions.

The body becomes the visual display unit for all to see.

‘Touch For Health’ is a tool that works at the level of connection between mind and body. It utilises the electromagnetic energy systems in the body called meridians. Meridians interface the physical and energy aspect of the body. It can be defined as ‘The science of Energy Balancing’.

Man is a structural, chemical and spiritual – psychological being and there must be a balance between all four for good health. Using ‘Touch for Health’, I can test, touch and massage the body and the muscles, using their functions, their relative strength and weakness and how they work in the body to get the body into better balance.

Is Touch For health for you?

According to the science of ‘Touch for Health’, pain is a final alarm before some malfunction takes place. Just prior to the malfunction there are signs and symptoms which can be recognised. One of these symptoms is a weakening of the muscles and a change in body posture. Consequently, we can learn to listen and feel what is going on in our bodies and then correct any minor problems before they develop into serious illness.

Using these techniques may help to prevent malfunctions and pains from developing as well as correcting the reason for the pain. Allowing the life force to flow uninterrupted throughout the body. I use touch for health with virtually everyone who comes my way with great benefits, as all of the testimonials included in this website will verify.

It is a unique tool, one that has proven its effects to me time and time again. It is one that I will continue to use as long there are people who come to me in pain on any level of their being. Please email me if you would like to know more.

healerrunnerupfinal copyStuart uses Touch For Health as part of his holistic approach to health

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