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You Can Now Build Your Practice In One Of UK’s Best Holistic Therapy Centres For Less Than £5/Hour!


If a trusted friend mentioned that you can build your practice in one of the UK’s best holistic therapy centres, and she said that it costs less than £5/hour, you would probably say, “Cool, but what’s the catch?”

The beauty here is, there’s no catch.


Right now, you can hire one of our high-quality rooms at a very affordable rate.

When we say “high-quality”, we mean:

  1. A room that’s relaxing and gives a sense of calm
  2. Has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  3. Designed to be a place of solace and retreat
  4. Surrounded by beautiful and vast trees that make you forget everything and enjoy the nature

Sounds too good to be true for our affordable pricing rate? Don’t listen to us. Listen to what these people are saying:


Jane Desmond 

As soon as you drive up to Birmingham Holistic Centre you feel a sense of calm which as you walk into the reception area only enhances. The therapies I have had there are amazing and there is a definite sense of no rush as once your treatment has finished, you can remain in the reception for a while with refreshments or enjoy a moment and take it all in or just relax in the peach garden. I honestly cannot recommend this place enough and in my mind it is indeed as it says “ A place like no other”


What better way to build your practice than a high-quality practice room located in an excellent location that can satisfy your clients?

But wait — that’s not all!

Here’s even more good news for you…

Not only do we offer you one of the most competitive room rates in the country, but we also provide a whole host of other benefits that would normally cost you hundreds of pounds.

  • Access to the centre at any time with your own set of keys
  • Free parking for all your clients
  • Easy, direct wheelchair access
  • Free exposure to thousands of clients through our newsletter
  • Free exposure to hundreds more prospective clients through our Facebook Page
  • Presence on our website with a full page for your therapy
  • Inclusion in a number of our marketing efforts such as Health & Happiness magazine, Harlequin magazine, and targeted Google Ads for your therapy
  • A free annual talk hosted by you to promote your therapy

In other words, you’re renting more than just a therapy room; you’re getting access to our premium facilities, expertise, and a chance to acquire more clients.

Just imagine the value you’re getting from a tinny investment that’s less than your average meal.

If that sounds like you want, here’s the deal:

We used to offer the room for a full day only that starts from £45 per day (Monday to Friday). And weekend workshop rates start at £75.

We still do offer a full day’s room hire from only £45 per day

But today, we’ve decided to offer another option that’s more affordable.


Now, you can hire a room in our award-winning holistic health centre for half-day, and it will only cost you £30/day.

  • From 9 AM to 3 PM
  • Or from 3 PM to 10 PM


The cost includes gas and electric fees, and all the benefits mentioned above.

Like every other, we have these two simple requirements for therapists wishing to practice with us:

  1. A willingness to develop your practice over time
  2. A 3-month minimum contract

Interested to hire one of our rooms?

Please contact Stuart on 0773 445 9908 today or email

For room hire,contact Stuart 07734459908

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8.00 – 22.00
Saturday 9.00 – 22.00
Sunday 9.00 – 17.00
Holidays Closed

For more information on Room Hire , contact Stuart

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