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One-to-one coaching/counselling with Stuart Morris to relieve Stress

Struggling with stress?You’re not alone. Many people experience stress in their daily lives. But it doesn’t have to control you.

I can help, whether you’re in Birmingham or anywhere else! My name is Stuart Morris, and I’m a qualified NLP coach specializing in stress relief. I offer personalized coaching programs, both in-person in Birmingham and online, to help you manage stress and find peace of mind.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Individual one-on-one coaching: We’ll work together, either in person at Birmingham Holistic Health Centre or virtually, to understand your unique stressors and develop a plan to overcome them.
  • First session (1 hour): £65, including a full consultation.
  • Proven and effective program: We’ll follow a 6-step process tailored to your needs.
  • Focus on relaxation and well-being: Learn techniques to calm your mind and support your body, regardless of your location.

About me:

I’m a fully qualified and accredited coach with extensive experience helping people overcome stress. I use a variety of techniques including hypnotherapy, NLP, and reflexology to create a personalized approach for each client, both in Birmingham and online.

Call me to book a session: 07734459908

The 6 Steps to Transformation:

  • Step #1- Identify Stress:
  • Step #2 – Calm the mind: Proven benefits of relaxation
  • Step #3 – Setting your intention
  • Step #4 – Remove the blocks
  • Step #5 – Support the body: including bodywork
  • Step #6 – An introduction to a healing philosophy, discovering you are not alone

6 days spread over 6 weeks of individual one-to-one coaching using techniques such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, psych K, Acupressure, Reflexology, and Breathing techniques all supported by the correct nutritional and herbal advice.

I am a fully qualified and fully accredited Spiritual Healer associated with Harry Edwards healing Sanctuary 

  • Member of the College of Medicine
  • Member of The Guild of Therapy Lecturers – Associate Member
  • Member of The British Association of Hypnotherapy BA Hyp
  • Member of the Complimentary Medical Association CMA
  • Member of The International Centre for Clinical Excellence ICCE
  • Member of the International Institute
  • Holistic Therapist, IIHHT Dip
  • EFT cc
  • Published Author
  • Creator of the six-step to freedom from stress program taught and accredited to a Diploma level at Birmingham Holistic

Ready to take control of your stress?

Contact me today to schedule your first session, in Birmingham or online!
Call Stuart Morris: 07734459908