Charlene Smith

Angelic Reiki



NVQ -VCTC Beauty - Guild Accredited -Eastern Facial Massage- Aromatherapy- Reflexology -Angelic Reiki Dip

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Hi my name is Charlene

I started out studying child care and met my husband when we were in school and have always been interested in health and wellbeing

At the age of 21 we had our first baby son who name is Cory who now 17

3 years down the line we had a second child

Cameron now is 14

Both of my children  have autism and being full time young mom, I had to take time out from education to raise my children until 2017 when I returned to college to study beauty therapy

But then things changed, my uncle died so I took time out for short time then I went back try and finish my original course, but then  4 months later my granddad died from cancer and I decided to  take another break

In 2015 there lot of things going on around  me that I did understand and it never felt right in my heart mind was and body soul  that I did understand why things  felt wrong with people things and places’

I started reading Angel cards and Tarot cards and  went to Birmingham city Centre and to buy my first Angle  card deck and Tarot  decks and this was my introduction into spirituality.

Yet I was feeling kind of lost I stated go online just searching, I had no idea what I was looking for.

I came across website about healing then went on the link then the  Birmingham Holistic Centre came up that’s when I was the website and read Stuarts story.

After two years of training and developing my love for healing , i began to thinking about developing a career in holistic therapies such as Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Eastern Facial massage, Angelic Reiki and reflexology

I am now working part time for myself at Birmingham Holistic Health Centre and hopefully I can develop my practice and help people recover from the therapies I practice now