Unlocking the door to our reality: by Lorna Gray

Unlocking the door to our reality:

After a crazy year of huge challenges and global changes, we most probably felt a range of emotions and often felt ‘Out of control’ of the situation but as we start to come out of the 3rd lockdown, back into this 3D reality we find ourselves in and merging into our so called ‘Normal lives’ but then I wonder what really is ‘Normal’ and how much has changed not only outside but inside ourselves?

Although having been sent back to our homes for safe guarding had various effects for each of us; some people found themselves having to adapt their regular ‘Job’ to work from home with the technical issues of online video calls, some had to take on new roles such as ‘home schooling their children’ (myself included) which although challenging and time consuming was a wonderful chance to see them grow and develop in ways we never would have in usual circumstances, some people found themselves with a huge amount of time and used it to create in ways they hadn’t for years, with art, gardening, cooking or to learn a new skill or hobby and hopefully they will continue to make time to return to that skill, some used their time for meditation and self-reflection, to truly discover or develop who they truly are, wow what a gift!

Sadly for some adults and children though their home was not their refuge, it was not full of love and fun but with anger and hurt, or an abusive partner or parent, so imagine how challenging living in that environment would have been (and not getting any respite through school or work)

But as we make the slow transition back into ‘The real world’ whatever that may be to each of us then how do we go about ‘Unlocking’ again, the world as we know it has altered so much, is that a good thing or not? Do you get drawn in and see a world of fear? Or do you see hope for the future?

After the last lockdowns I know quite a few friends and family members including myself who found it a challenge to leave the comfort of the humble abode we call ‘home’ and to go and venture outside again was particularly an issue for those with anxiety and yet we do it and so maybe that the transition back in stages is a good thing.

Remember you co-create your own reality and it is all down to your mind or even your soul as to if you perceive where you are as ‘good’ or ‘bad’

Circumstances can change in an instant so never give up hope and give up all judgement as to who should or shouldn’t do this or that and don’t get drawn into the drama, if an emotion arises for you, have a few deep breaths, bring your awareness back to you, recognise the emotion and release it through talking therapy, meditation, healing or whatever works for you.

So surely as we begin the opposite of ‘Lockdown’ is to ‘Open up’ so who do we open up to if anyone and how does that feel and look? Can we open up emotionally as well as physically? What does a locked door look like to you and how do you feel about opening it again?

On a deeper level, if we meditate and we think about a large door or maybe you naturally visualise a corridor with many doors, don’t try to change it, accept what you are given, what do you see? What do you feel? Excited? Uncomfortable? Confused? Scared? Do you sense some resistance?

Are you ready to open the door? Is the door locked? If so do you have the key? If not where is the key?

Maybe you step through the door to a new reality, see your new future self in your future job or home or relaxing on a beach.

Spend some time here and notice how you feel, what you sense, smell and see.

Return and note any insights to reflect upon.

The world continues to turn, the sun rises and sets with her beauty and light, and the moon basks us in her pure white glow, the flowers bloom and the animals carry on oblivious so each new day is such a blessing, be grateful for being here, it is now spring and a time for new beginnings, how will you move forward? what parts of yourself will you discover and what amazing future lies beyond the doors of your current reality and how will you find it?

If you don’t already have it, it’s time to go and find the key.

By Lorna Gray 

March Equinox 2021

Lorna Gray MGHT MGTL Ncfe Coun.Dip

Spiritual Counsellor, mentor, Guided Visualisation coach, Angelic Reiki Master/Tutor and Head of Training

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