The power of bear medicine.

The power of bear medicine.

Bear Power.

Bear means a huge deal to me as I work extremely closely with a female brown bear when I’m healing. According to Native American tradition bear medicine is the most powerful medicine to work with and especially the female.

A Bear overall is a strong powerful animal and is the ruler of their natural kingdom, a survivor and very adaptful. They can eat both meat and plants and therefore natures pantry provides them with lots of sustenance. They are also not only able to walk around on the land, but can swim and climb trees to find food and forage. They are pretty good fishermen too!

The female bear raises her offspring alone and is very protective when with her cubs. You wouldn’t want to argue with one at the best of times let alone with cubs in the vicinity.

Bears follow the cycle of life and the Spirits of the four directions. They arise from their dens to give new life to themselves in spring with new sun rising in the East. If a female she also brings new life in the form of her cubs that she has been gestating and suckling during the Winter.

They enjoy the Spirit of the south following the sun nourishing themselves and thriving through their new annual journey enjoying their abundance, allowing themselves to mature and grow. And if female, leave their cubs when they are fully nurtured and are ready to fend for themselves.

Then comes the Spirit of the West a time to build up their reserves in preparation for what is about follow enjoying the last of the sun and finally it’s “death”. Analysing their lessons and learning from them so that they might improve when they are reborn.

This is then followed by The Spirits of the North of “death” as they find their hibernation site in bosom of Gaia to wait out the winter snows and scarcity it brings. To reflect on their annual journey and their lessons. This is an ending but they are safe in the knowledge that they will have a rebirth in Spirit of the East once again in the spring

So a Bear’s life reflects the cycle of life, death and rebirth every year unlike the human who does the same but usually over a lifetime unless of course you are going through the process of becoming awake and evolving then you may go through this cycle as many times as is needed to realise your full potential. So don’t be scared of the old you dying to become your new self, a caterpillar has to become a butterfly at sometime. Do not fear death and it signifies rebirth whether again on this Earth plane or even to the Spirit world. We sometimes fear death and the unknown but we have taken that transformation we often look back and contemplate that it was a good thing after all.