Many people experience fatigue, anxiety, frequent colds and infections, aches, pains and hormone imbalances, plus a whole host of other chronic health issues. Faced with pollutants and toxins and daily stressors, it’s no surprise that our bodies are feeling the strain.

You’ve found it… the missing piece!

  • Naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. Rich in Fulvic and Humic compounds
  • We are the only European supplier of shilajit to test our product for heavy metals and mineral content and we are happy to send our certificates to you
  • We source our premium shilajit directly from the mountains of Siberia and choose to pass these savings onto you, our customer
  • Packaged in the UK in security-sealed violet glass jars, which offers maximum protection against the harmful effects of light, prolonging the potency of your shilajit
  • Mountain Blood is 100 percent genuine shilajit in its natural, resin-like form – a natural food that has been used as a remedy for thousands of years

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