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Today you will learn something new and exciting.  You will start to attain the basic skills that will provide a foundation for a rewarding career as a Holistic Therapist.  The Visualisations are wonderful to give and to receive.

Fully Accredited with The Guild of Holistic Therapist


Fully accredited by The Guild and as featured in the ‘Guild Gazette’ online magazine:
“Combining 40 Years of experience into the only Full Diploma of its kind in the Uk”
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Facilitated by Stuart Morris and Lorna Gray

We live in a world that is abundant, a world where nature expresses her beauty in the most incredible and creative of ways. Every tree is unique; every flower, every blade of grass, every cloud, every raindrop, every bird, every animal, every insect – totally unique.

ature gives us clues about the secret of creation. Throughout history, every culture has had Mystics and Elders living amongst them. These rare people, who were in touch with and connected to Mother Nature’s messengers, observed nature and learned about the connectivity of all living things, not only to each other, but to the source of creative consciousness

We are so much more powerful than we have been led to believe”
Within every human being, and deeply en-grained within our DNA, lies untapped potential that has been lost, forgotten and even suppressed, as we have been led collectively away from developing our own creativity and personal connection to the Divinity.

Over hundreds of years, we have been given smoke signals in the form of various ideologies or doctrines and subtly lured into beliefs held and taught by various churches, political parties, government policies or other such like groups that make up every modern day society throughout the world. In the same way, we have been caught up in the charisma and charm of others and led away from discovering and uncovering riches that are far beyond the external promise of materialism, a promise that often seduces us into believing it is somehow permanent or answers our deepest needs. It never does.

“If you stay in any bad relationship for long enough, you will begin to accept it as normal, unless you have a comparison. From that comes self-realisation and from that, transformation is born”
What enduring mysteries can we uncover within the corridors of our minds?
What untapped potential wisdom lies deep within our consciousness?

How do we tap into that wisdom and draw, from her roots, the seeds of creativity that are so evident in the whole of Nature?

The Saints, Elders and Mystics of every culture, through their presence and teachings, removed the barrier between this world and the next. Today, some would call that Mediumship. In part this is true. Yet like most things in life, we have taken aspects of the whole and made them popular without fundamentally being able to see the whole picture. This has been diluted and ultimately lost because we have forgotten where to look.
It’s time to uncover the truth about who you really are and open up within you something extraordinary that contains the ability to Co-Create a life worthy of your existence

Course content will include:
Instilling supreme confidence
The power of belief
Creative Visualisation
The Subconscious mind
Goal Setting
Overcoming fears
Removing Boundaries
Grounding and protecting
Having a vision
How to perform guided visualisation
Working with clients
Cord cutting
Meeting Angels and Guides
From the heart, utilising the power of the heart
Free Flow visioning
Using visualisation for yourself and your business
Meditation /deep relaxation techniques
Co Create a life worthy of your existence

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