An introduction to Meditation-online course


This online course includes 18 mp4 videos that you can watch and learn from.

They explain the history of meditation and the various forms of meditation and tips and exercises for you to follow Then there are some handouts for you to read through that will really help you create incredible manifestations with the power of your mind .

There are handouts outlining the benefits of meditation for you read through at your leisure.

We also include handouts for 4 unique breathing exercises and audio mp3 versions of these that will guide you through the process.

There are various mp3 audios that will talk you through meditations and finally a special offer to a unique system that once used will change your life for the better forever

Meditation improves focus

Meditation increases your productivity

Meditation improves your awareness

Meditation stops negative thought patterns

Meditation boosts neurotransmitters

Meditation switches off the amygdala (the fear centre)

Meditation strengthens the hippocampus

Meditation reinforces the prefrontal cortex

Natures best medicine is within you and one of the ways to access it is through the door of meditation

Stuart Morris