An Introduction to Meditation-downloadable version

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  1. This online video course includes 18 videos that you can watch and learn from.
  2. They explain the history of meditation and the various forms of meditation and tips and exercises for you to follow
  3. There are some handouts for you to read through that will really help you create incredible manifestations with the power of your mind .
  4. We also include handouts for 6 unique breathing exercises and 10 audio mp3 meditations that will guide you through the process.
  5. Proven benefits of meditation- handout
  6. Finding inner balance – Breathing exercise – handout
  7. Alternate Nostril breathing exercise – handout
  8. Cultivate positive emotions- Breathing exercise – handout
  9. Reveal inner wisdom – Breathing exercise -handout
  10. Detachment -breathing exercise -handout

Also included 

  1. Downloadable versions of the following mp3s
  2. “The Healing” mp3 meditation
  3. Journey into inner light meditation mp3
  4. Journey into inner love meditation mp3
  5. Journey into inner trust meditation mp3
  6. NLP Creative meditation and yes set mp3
  7. Cloud meditation mp3
  8. Release the fear of co-vid 19 meditation – audio mp3
  9. The Gift – mp3 download
  10. Heart and soul – audio mp3 download

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Meditation improves focus

Meditation increases your productivity

Meditation improves your awareness

Meditation stops negative thought patterns

Meditation boosts neurotransmitters

Meditation switches off the amygdala (the fear centre)

Meditation strengthens the hippocampus

Meditation reinforces the prefrontal cortex

Natures best medicine is within you and one of the ways to access it is through the door of meditation

Proven benefits of meditation

For hundreds of years, meditation has been a popular spiritual practice for thousands of people of every culture worldwide ,it is a common link that transcends the various religious philosophies and doctrines throughout the world.

By quieting the unsteady mind and deeply relaxing the sole and the body, the meditator experiences bass states of inner peace of mind and higher states of awareness. There are many elusive benefits of practicing quiet meditation— mass intuition, awareness, compassion, focuses, among others—but they are accessory. Ultimately, meditation is a noble practice of mystics looking for union with God by becoming still it is said that you can then begin to access the voice of intuition which is the connection to your God.

You can experiment and gain all these benefits and much more, with the practice meditation. Meditation offers numerous benefits for your body, mind and working spirit. The rest resource you gain in meditation is deeper than the deepest and sound sleep. The deeper your rest your body, the more dynamic your daily activity is.

De-stress with the Help of Meditation

Meditation has two important remarkable benefits:

  • Meditation prevents unwanted stress from getting into the central system
  • Meditation discharge accumulated stress that is in the system

Both of these occur simultaneously, leaving one totally refreshed and joyful.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

With meditation, the body physiology undergoes a physiological change and every cell in the body mass is filled with more sources of prana (energy). This actually results in peace, joy, enthusiasm as the level of prana in the human body increases.

On the physical level, meditation:

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Decreases any pain that relates to tension, such as, insomnia, tension headaches, and ulcer.
  • Lowers the blood lactate level that reduces unwanted anxiety attacks
  • Improves the immune system
  • muscle and joint problems
  • Increases serotonin production that energizes mood and behaviour
  • Increases the body energy level, as you get an inner source of energy

Mental Benefits of Meditation

Meditation bestows the brainwave original pattern into an Alpha state that promotes the healing. The mind becomes more fresh, delicate and sincerely beautiful. With regular practice of meditation:

  • Anxiety decreases
  • Intuition develops
  • Emotional stability improves
  • Problems become smaller
  • Creativity increases
  • Happiness increases
  • Gain clarity and peace of the mind
  • Meditation makes our mind sharp by achieving focus and amplifies through relaxation
  • A sharp mind without any expansion causes frustration, tension and anger.

Other Benefits of Meditation

Relief from stress

Stress is due to the fact that we get involved in the story, the drama often played out in the mind as one thought feeds another and another until there is no separation between you and the story. Worrying about the future, the past, the children ,finances, relationships and so on and before you know it, you are it.

Meditation is an effective way of standing back from the story and detaching and allowing the story to fade and as the mind becomes quiet ,which is will as you detach within that stillness you begin to put some distance between yourself and the worries, fears, the drama you have been caught up in.

Imagine if you see a friend and you begin to discuss a problem and because that friend is slightly detached and away from the stress they would be able to give you an objective opinion without being consumed in the stress and that is one of the main benefits of standing back with meditation, you become your own friend and from that space you can make a decision and if you will find the right thoughts come through your subconscious mind and give you a solution and sometime the solution is simply to remind yourself that to come closer to the present moment is key, and to trust the future ,we will look at trust in a while.

To understand that even this will pass and it always has, it always will and it always does, to know that this is just another page in your life or the life of the client you are working with and always on reflection you will discover the why

Nothing happens by chance and if you can begin to look at disease, illness on every level and an aspect of oneself that has moved away from self love or loving another

For example ,panic attacks, depression and even physical ailments that have been made worse and in some cases begun from the emotions based around loss ,fear ,resentment and so on and by answering and reasoning with a philosophy these emotional issues can be alleviated and the consequence of that will nearly always be physical improvement

This is why mediation is for many the cornerstone ,the foundation for living a calmer and more peaceful life and this along with a philosophy that eases the mind away from fear and the return to loving oneself and others is so important.

Emotional steadiness and spiritual harmony: it nourishes you from within and calms your soul, whenever you feel just like unstable, overwhelmed or emotionally shut down.

Meditation brings ultimate harmony in creation: when you meditate your mind, you are in the space of calmness, vastness and joy and this is what you breathe into the environment, bringing great harmony to the planet.

Consciousness evolves: with the acculturation of meditation into your daily life, your consciousness improves and in time, is capable of experience the higher and refined stable states of consciousness.

When your own consciousness expands and evolves, the disturbances in your whole life become negligible. Anger and mind disappointments become fading emotions that occur momentarily and then terminate. You start to live in ‘the moment’ and let go of ‘the past’.

With the acculturation of meditation into your daily life, the 5th state of mind consciousness called cosmic consciousness, dawns. Cosmic consciousness – is to comprehend the whole cosmos as part of one soul.

When you comprehend the world as a part of your life, love flows more strongly between the world and you. This decent love empowers you to carry the opposing forces and the disturbances in your personal life. All the disappointments terminates and you start to heal the wind of heaven.

The conflux of practice, knowledge and understanding makes our life complete. When you arise into higher states of mind consciousness, you become more beautiful yet strong – a delicate, soft, delicate and beautiful blossom who is able to accommodate different values in life without certain conditions.