Stress Management with Stuart Morris

6 Steps to transformation: with Stuart Morris

6 weekly sessions will change your outlook for the next 6 years ,here are some of the subjects we cover together:

Step One- Identify Stress:

  • What is stress?
  • The effects of Stress
  • The real message of disease

Step 2 – Calm the mind:

  • Introduction into heart coherence –invite calm- improve focus –transform stress
  • The science and evidence – Our Brains and Nervous Systems
  • Introduction into a Relaxing Rhythm
  • Bringing the connection of heart, mind and breath together into coherence. You will learn how the heart tells the mind, everything is ok and how to change the baseline of a client from ‘fight or flight’ to relaxation and equilibrium.
  • Cardio Calm – develop relaxation through our unique cardio calm method
  • I will teach you a unique sequence of breathing exercises that soothe the mind
  • Detachment –follow your breath
  • Finding inner balance
  • Cultivate positive emotions –
  • Reveal inner wisdom –

Section 3 – Setting your intention

  • What is it that you really want?
  • What’s the address we need to get to?
  • Proven benefits of visualization
  • Gaining insight and discovering the goal
  • Manifest for the future
  • At your best, magic wand
  • Affirmations give the mind direction

Section 4 – Remove the blocks

  • Removing the blocks

Section 5 – Support the body: including bodywork

  • Water – essential Fats and herbs
  • The digestive system – “If you’re feeling low, give it a go”
  • Herbs to help with relaxation
  • Bodywork- nature has it right…. just listen

Section 6 – An introduction into a healing philosophy, discovering you are not alone

  • Discover why ‘Hope’ is the most powerful catalyst for change and how to hold onto it throughout life
  • A pinch of salt – how to develop trust
  • Forgiveness sets you free, how ?
  • Looking for coincidences and why they are so important
  • Into Practice
  • Deep relaxation
  • Into stillness, discovering the voice of intuition
  • Let us live what we believe -Authenticity – Applying what you have learned

Stuart Morris IIHHT Dip   EFTcc  NLP Dip 

Tel: 07734459908