Homeopathic Therapy

Homeopathy was discovered by a doctor called, Samuel Hahnemann and has been used around the world for over 200 years. One of the benefits of homeopathy is the fact that it is non-invasive, working with, not against the body’s natural functions. It can be used by people suffering from both acute and chronic complaints and can also help to maintain general health.

How does homeopathic therapy work ?

Homeopathy uses minute amounts of natural substances such as plants and minerals to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Samuel Hahnemann discovered that a substance that can create disease when taken in large quantities can cure that disease when the substance is diluted. This principle is referred to as “like curing like”.

Unlike coventional medicine, homeopathy works on the principle that everyone is unique and therefore their disease is also unique. For exmple, two people may have a similar illness but if their symptoms are different they may be given different homeopathic remedies. The spritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of a person are regarded as being interconnected and are not treated in isolation.

Who can use homeopathic therapy ?

People often turn to homeopathy due to worries about the side-effects of conventional medicine, if their current medication does not provide relief from symptoms or through a desire to optimise their health naturally.

Homeopathy can be used alongside other medication and can often be used to reduce the dosage of prescription medicine. It is perfectly safe for all ages including babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly. Homeopathy can be used by people suffering from a variety of conditions such as stress, asthma, arthritis, colic, teething, depression, hormonal problems, headaches, coughs and colds.

If you would like advice or would like to discuss a particular condition then do not hesitate to contact me.

What to expect

Homeopathy works on many levels both physically and psychologically. Because of this you will notice some differences between how homeopaths approach your illness compared to orthodox medicine.

Your first consultation generally lasts for 90 minutes. During this time we will discuss details of your current complaint as well as your general likes and dislikes, temperament and lifestyle. Although this may seem unusual this information is very important when determining the correct remedy for you. Follow up consultations generally last for 30-45 minutes.

In these consultations as well as discussing improvements in your current symptoms we would look at any changes you have noticed in your overall health to assess progress made. Follow up consultations generally take place on a monthly basis.

People often ask how many consultations are required. As each person is treated as an individual there are no hard and fast rules as to the length of treatment. People suffering from chronic complaints generally have more consultations than people suffering from acute or recent problems.

Remedies are usually supplied in pleasant tasting tablets which are dissolved in a glass of water or under the tongue.

From time to time I also prescribe herbal tinctures or flower remedies which are in a liquid form.

Since graduating from Warwick University, having studied Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, I have worked with several companies all concerned with the pharmaceutical industry or the NHS. Because of this I have an understanding of conventional medicine and it’s effects on the body which is invaluable when treating patients.

I studied homeopathy at The Homeopathy College, Birmingham and qualified having completed 4 years of theoretical and practical training. I am licensed to practice by the college and am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and work at 4 clinics in the Birmingham and Solihull area. I am also a qualified Cease Therapist working with autistic children.

I have always been fascinated by alternative and complementary medicine and take great pleasure in seeing the health of people improve. Alongside my private practice I also work with BirMAH Outreach. The purpose of this charity is to make homeopathy accessible to vulnerable, homeless and disadvantaged people in the community.

Adults initial appt (90 – 120 mins) £75
Follow ups (60 mins) £50
Children £40
A combination of Homeopathy and Meta-Kinetics (120 – 150 mins) £100