Exam Stress & Anxiety Relief


Play the audio below to discover how hypnosis can help you ease stress and anxiety before an exam


You put in the hard work and you know you know the information and then you freeze on the day of the exam, how frustrating is that?

Getting nervous before an exam is often inevitable. However, the stress and anxiety become overwhelming, it’ll do more harm than good. You can lose your focus and ruin what you’ve been preparing for weeks, even months.

The good news is, that we can help eliminate that stress that blocks you from the knowledge you have.

Whether you’re preparing for school, university, or driving exams, some of the techniques we introduce to you can make sure you’re performing your best during the exam by eliminating stress and anxiety.

Here at Birmingham Holistic Centre, we combine hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, and numerous techniques to get rid of long-term beliefs and subconscious memories that trigger stress and anxiety. Thus, you’d be able to tackle any exams without any fear or anxiety disrupting your focus.

This is a very unique session specifically designed to eliminate nervousness leading up to and during any exam

If you’re interested, try one session, and then your experience will let you know if it works for you

  1. Book in today and come in to the centre for this unique exam busting session and be the best you can be during the exam, or book and have your session online
  2. Book online hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom call or skype
  3. You will be given FREE hypnotherapy audio after to encourage and solidify what we do during the session
  4. Download 1 hypnotherapy audio designed to help you ease your mind before facing your exam
  5. The cost is £65 in-person or £75 via zoom or skype
  6. The session will last approx 60 minutes
  7. Discount of £10 for all students including adult education

The key lies in the subconscious mind and we can help you reduce the anxiety in the first place of all exam stress

Stuart Morris