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Julie Fulton BSc PGDip MBACP

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Energy healing is becoming more and more embraced and welcomed as an effective therapy for healing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues. Energy healing takes the form of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Tapping and Reiki. Energy field Healing (EFH) is a form of energy therapy that uses specialized techniques to work within a person’s energy field to release any blockages and patterns of stuck trauma within the energy field inhibiting their emotional, physical and mental well-being.

The Energy Field (Aura) contains a person’s whole lifetime of our experiences, beliefs and thought patterns. Often the experiences that are not remembered from early childhood, are unknowingly impacting on a person’s life today. Even minor painful experiences can create belief patterns held within the aura that can keep a person stuck in attracting similar painful experiences and repeating patterns of self-sabotaging limiting behaviors.

Unresolved emotions and trauma of the past held within your chakras and energy field do create issues of imbalance within you, manifesting in ill-health, stress, relationship difficulties and more.


Energy field Healing Birmingham Holistic Health centre

The Energy Field Healing experience is very personal as it facilitates whatever healing is appropriate at the time. It is usual to feel notably more balanced, calm and lighter following a session. However, deeper layers of the healing will process through the energy field over the coming days, which can at times show an emotional release. It is important to note that EFH is a process with many layers, not simply a one-off event, although profound healing and transformation can occur following a single session.


Julie Fulton is trained in both Psychotherapy, Reiki therapy, Tai Chi Qigong and Energy Field Healing. To learn more about Energy Field Healing or other healing modalities please visit or to book an appointment please call Julie on 07583 207190.

“After having counseling, which has helped, I was still finding it hard to release suppressed emotions and feelings. I had one session of Energy Field Healing and the changes I feel have been unbelievable. I feel more positive, confident and energized. It has helped me by allowing those emotions and feelings that have been buried for so many years to come to the surface and release. My mind now feels clearer and I can look at things in a more positive way. I feel happier in myself and I feel able to manage my anxieties better in a positive light”
Mrs C Parr (Client)