Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing and Chakra balancing with Julie Chipperfield-Carr

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Crystal Healing is a gentle but powerful ancient healing treatment which aligns the physical, emotional and spiritual elements through clearing, re-aligning and energising the chakras (energy centres). Energy vibrations from intuitively chosen crystals are placed on and around the body are amplified and focus upon the body’s own natural energies on all levels, assisting the self-healing process where it is needed.

Life experiences can create imbalances that can make themselves known at a physical level through illness, at the emotional level manifesting in behavioural responses like irritation, anger and violence or on a spiritual level affecting mental balance, memory or concentration. There is a need now more than ever for natural healing alongside conventional medical treatments. Our earth has been changing its vibrational level to a new frequency for some time and ancient healing techniques harness the universal energies to assist in supporting and restoring healing at all levels.

A crystal therapy treatment is undertaken whilst you are fully clothed, either seated or lying on a couch whilst a variety of general and more specifically individualised techniques are conducted using crystals and colour therapy. The experience during and after a treatment varies from person to person, with most finding the experience to be comforting, relaxing, calming or stimulating and energising, often providing clarity and insight.

Ideally three sessions undertaken about a week apart will make a big difference unless you are considering taking this therapy on a regular basis. However, just one session of crystal therapy alone can be beneficial. Sessions usually last for 45-60 minutes unless a more complex technique is required.  Specific health questions will be asked prior to a first treatment.

Crystal healing and chakra balancing costs £45 per session.

Crystal healing followed by Reiki is £55 for a session lasting up to 90 minutes

Crystal healing followed by Angelic Reiki is £60

Call Julie for more details: 07950 952 133