Join Sheyna Love (Sheyna) SATURDAY, 19th SEPTEMBER 2020 FROM 13:00-16:00 Sacred empowering Women’s Circle

Join Sheyna Love this..

SATURDAY, 19th  SEPTEMBER 2020 FROM 13:00-16:00

Sacred empowering Women’s Circle

Saturday, 19th September 2020 from 13:00-16:00
Public · Hosted by Siberian Shamanic Wisdom
“Empowering Women’s Circle”
Saturday, 19th September
13.00 – 16.00pm BST
This is the heart-centre of the Divine Feminine.
This is the sacred space where we come together, in circle, to sing, pray, dance, cry, create, reflect, practice, and grow!
Every week we’ve been meeting online through zoom and now finally time after our incredible events with Siberian shamans we are ready to come together in real!
We do this to hold space for the womb who desire to grow in their own experience, practice and wisdom. This is a collective growth, lead by Sheyna Love Leader of Field of Love, nearest student of Siberian shamans and Priestesses of International charitable movement
On this empowering meeting we will be practicing:
* Pleasant shamanic trance dances with self massage to connect with 4 elements and to balance them inside
*Ancient methods and mantras for self-worth and attraction what you DESERVE!
Collective energy helping to manifest your goals and intentions quicker
*Chakra’s purification and dances
*Practice for the Self Sufficiency or sacred Temple dance initiated by High Priestesses
*‘Field of Love’ meditation (please prepare photos of those who you would like to send the healing energy to)
This gathering is a great opportunity for you to experience the ancient ways to feel good within yourself. Receive practical knowledge and methods that will be very useful in your everyday life!
This workshop teaches you ways to access these ancient techniques and practices on your own, exploring tools that can be integrated into everyday life. Learn how to cultivate a sacred space for deep release, play, nurturing, the exploration and setting of intentions.
Join us to discover to be happy, successful and in harmony with yourself and the world.
About your facilitator:
Sheyna (spiritual name which means ‘the burning heart of love’) was initiated by Siberian shamans and priestesses, and continues to work with them closely. She will be leading you in the special techniques and methods of cleansing, connecting, shamanic dances, guided meditations.
Sheyna has practiced and conducted shamanic circles, meditations and women’s circles for more than three years. She believes these practices help with tuning into harmony with yourself and maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit. These practices have helped her to have good health, attract success, happiness and good luck into her life, also many other pleasant improvements every day and she is now committed to helping other women do the same.
Come and join our circle of female empowerment.
Please wear comfortable clothes suitable for dancing and meditation.
Please bring your own water and some snacks for sharing.
Energy exchange: £20
Come with friend and get a ticket for both £35
Please Prebook by PayPal:
£10 ( The rest £10 can bring in cash on the day)
Any queries feel free to email at or call 07908105042
Instagram: Sheyna.fieldoflove
Also join us for Siberian Shamanic Yoga In the Saturday morning at 9.30am
In Kings Norton Park.
Welcome to join online For Field of Love global healing sessions every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8.30 pm via Zoom and fb live in private group.
Sheyna also offering shamanic healing, balancing massage with ancient methods that been taught and initiated by Siberian Hereditary shaman.