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Birmingham Holistic will host the Amazon healers -17th -19th May 2024

More information soon

According to the Amazon Shipibo Maestros the impurity  of our Astral Level can directly influence our traumas, and

 this is reflected in our character, feelings, emotions and  actions leading us to a negative chain of fear, 

feelings of rejection, guilt, anger and specially to dis-ease

In this Workshop Doña Maria and Don Elmer will share  the essence of the Shipibo wisdom as they teach and help participants how to do a unique purification of the  Astral Body. 

It will be a day with healing through their Ikaros (sacred songs). As they smoke their ceremonial Pipes  with the healing Wild Tobacco-Mapacho, then Doña Maria

will paint some small parts of the front-faces or chests of the

participants with a natural paint which has been used by the 

Amazonian natives for thousands of years, to enter in a wonderful state of harmonious spiritual restoration with our own self, nature and with the universe that surrounds us 

(This is a non-permanent natural paint made out of Amazon fruits, and last up to 7 days and erase in a natural way)

Maestros will also teach us the healing ceremony of the

Mother Plant “Flying Stick” with group cleansing dances under the guidance of their ceremonial songs or Ikaros which are devoutly sung  (It is essential participants bring light clothing easy to open the belly-chest part, good warm socks, sandals, a towel, a blanket-yoga mat)

One day Seminar Price: 170 £