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Creative Visualisation


Visualisation is a proven method for achieving goals, whether your ultimate goal is effective spiritual enlightenment or winning a competition. Even historical spiritual traditions such as Buddhism adopt the necessity of visualization and great sports psychologists swear by it.

When you are looking forward to manifest your goals, you are necessarily trying to change something about your exact current state of existence. And with any simple change, the mind dissents as the ego of mind perceives the unknown to be a certain threat.

Effective visualization exercises are excellent paths of breaking through any resistance to change as they assist push through this common barrier.

The Benefits of Visualisation

The benefits of visualisation as part of your mental and personal development plan cannot be exaggerated. Success in life begins within, and visualisation is an effective way to convince yourself you can accomplish your dreams.

In Karate of Okinawa, William Cummins and Robert Scaglione gave some obligating evidence of why visualization is believed one of the most effective self motivation tips. They refer a study by renowned Russian researchers prior to the 1980 world Olympic Games. Being interested in understanding the great power of the mind on performance, the researchers evolved training schedules that involved different sorts of degrees of physical training and mental training. They found that the people which devoted the maximum time to mental training (and the least to stressful physical training) performed the best from others. Here are several benefits that you will get from visualization:

Stress relief benefits: Visualization is the best form of mental and physical relaxation. The act of relaxing your mind and visualizing effectively reduces the amount of stress you are continuously bombarded with on a daily basis. So, if you do not visualize for other reasons, I recommend you do it for this benefit.

Improved focus: When you keep your mind quiet to visualize, basically you are improving your ability to focus. You no longer are confined to the restrictions of your day. In fact, the more you visualize, the better you get at it the better your overall focus becomes.

Joy: Visualizing something special that you want to experience can bring great joy into your personal life. We may not be in the exact position right now to do or have what we really want, but we are able to visualize it. This is the best thing to actually doing it or having it. Our minds do not know the conflict in visualization and having or doing a thing, so it will react in the same way it would if you were actually experiencing that which you are quietly visualizing.

Inspiration: You can get inspiration and you can become inspired to take action toward your sweet dreams by taking some time to visualize them. We are more likely to trust in and to move forward toward our dreams, if we can actually watch them as possible and only visualization can do that for us.

No limitations: There is no limitations with visualization. You can be anyone and do anything. You can live in the dream house of your dreams, you can drive the car you want to drive, be married to the expected love of your life and travel to unseen exotic places. Not all of us get these luxuries right now, but when we quietly visualize, we get the power to visualize whatever we want without any limitations.

Self confidence booster: As we visualize and watch ourselves doing and having the things we want, we begin to make us more confident in ourselves. The more confident we are, the more we start to do, which in turn gives us success.

Goal achievement: As mentioned above, visualization can assist us to have a greater focus, it can solely inspire us, and it can help build powerful self confidence. With all of these properties it becomes much easier for you to acquire your goals, not to mention you are watching yourself achieve these goals in your mind’s eye so your own mind starts to believe you can achieve these goals and starts the unbeaten process towards those goals.

Mood booster: It isnatural that if we are becoming more confident in ourselves, relieving physical and mental stress and experiencing more joy then our mood of mind is going to increase positively as well. Any time I finish dreamy visualizing, I feel relaxed, calm and extremely happy. I feel like I am able to do anything. These are true benefits of visualization.

Health benefits of visualization: You can visualize that your body rebuilding itself, and in turn, certainly your body will begin to reply. The other important benefit is that the powerful act of visualizing, no matter what it is your visualizing, relaxes the mind, reduces stress and improves our overall mood which in turn lowers our body blood pressure and permits our body to function at full capacity.

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